PAL Aerospace is a proud partner of Airbus Defence & Space for the Government of Canada’s Fixed Wing Search and Rescue (FWSAR) aircraft replacement program. PAL Aerospace will be responsible for large elements of the In-Service Support covering many aspects of the maintenance work not undertaken by Royal Canadian Air Force technicians. It will include high value work such as repairs, 2nd and 3rd level maintenance, future modification work, and depot level maintenance of the aircraft.


This significant and exciting project will pave the way for innovation and opportunity within PAL Aerospace, while growing our operations. In an effort to expand our current team, PAL Aerospace is currently looking for a Senior Maintenance Manager in St. John’s, NL.


The Senior Maintenance Manager will be responsible for the airworthiness-related activities conducted with the CC-295 AMO (Accredited Maintenance Organization) for the Fixed Wing Search and Rescue Program (FWSAR).

Responsibilities of the role include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensure the airworthiness-related activities of the CC-295 AMO are performed in compliance with the TAM (Technical Airworthiness Manual);
  • Develop processes for inclusion in the MPM (Maintenance Process Manual) that are in compliance with the applicable airworthiness rules and standards;
  • Issue airworthiness instructions when a non-compliance with airworthiness rules and standards or a non-conformance with the approved type of design is discovered;
  • Interpreting airworthiness standards and processes;
  • Ensure that the processes and procedures for the organization are in compliance with the applicable airworthiness rules and standards;
  • Ensure that maintenance-related tasks and technical airworthiness functions are conducted in accordance with the TAA-approved MPM and the CC-295 AMO-approved procedures manual or submitting a request for a deviation to the DND TAA (Department of National Defence Technical Airworthiness Authority);
  • Monitor the competencies of individuals to whom technical airworthiness authority has been assigned and of the organization as a whole and inform the TAA of any deficiencies, advising the applicable organizational authorities of actions taken;
  • Ensure that personnel within the organization remain knowledgeable and skilled in the conduct of airworthiness-related activities;
  • Ensure the maintenance conducted within the CC-295 AMO is in the accordance with the applicable TAA-approved MPM and the CC-295 AMO-approved procedures manual;
  • Remove aeronautical products from operational service when a non-compliance with airworthiness rules and standards or non-conformance with the approved type design is discovered;
  • Develop and maintain a liaison with the ATO (Approved Technical Organization) and SDE (Senior Design Engineer) for the approved type design to the extent required to meet the maintenance responsibilities assigned to the CC-295 AMO;
  • Authorize trained, qualified and competent individuals to perform the specific responsibilities of the CC-295 AMO;
  • Ensure the CC-295 AMO is subject to adequate quality oversights for its entire airworthiness scope and depth of authority granted by the TAA;
  • Ensure that there is, at all times, someone available to carry out the SMM responsibilities;
  • Geographical mobility in support of FWSAR program requirements; and,
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Completion of an engineering discipline from a university recognized by the TAA, or be a graduate of an aerospace technology course recognized by the TAA, or have equivalent knowledge and experience;
  • A minimum of 6 years’ of aerospace engineering and maintenance experience which includes a minimum 2 years’ experience in the maintenance of aeronautical products;
  • Have experience or knowledge of the technical airworthiness rules and standards and, an understanding of the applicable operational requirements and environment; 
    • Ability to successfully complete the DND Technical Airworthiness Management Course for AMOs or having equivalent, relevant experience
    • Pertaining to the TAM chapters on conduct and control of the aeronautical product maintenance
  • Familiarity, gained by formal training and/or work experience, of aeronautical products and airworthiness limitations;
  • A basic understanding of the Airworthiness Review Board (ARB) process;
  • The ability to accurately interpret airworthiness standards;
  • The ability to accurately apply airworthiness processes;
  • Demonstrate detailed understanding of the following topics of the TAA;
    • Scope and depth of technical airworthiness authority assigned by the TAA to the AMO;
    • Responsibilities of the role of SMM;
    • Responsibilities of the PRAA (Person Responsible for the Assignment of Authorization);
    • The responsibilities of the persons who have been assigned authority to perform technical airworthiness functions on behalf of the TAA and applicable eligibility criteria
    • The interrelationship and interfaces between the Technical Airworthiness and Quality Management Systems requirements
  • The ability to perform work accurately and thoroughly, while meeting tight timelines and targets;
  • A natural ability to bring a problem solving mindset to any challenging situation;
  • The ability to evaluate AMO procedures for compliance with the TAA-approved MPM;
  • The ability to manage shifting priorities and issues inherent to a fast-growing, publicly traded organization;
  • Superb communication skills, demonstrated through written and oral presentations;
  • The ability to obtain a security clearance; and,
  • Knowledge of Transport Canada regulations would be an asset.
  • Geographical mobility will be required as this position will be based in St. John’s but will be later relocated to other bases as per requirements of the FWSAR project

Qualified individuals can apply online via: 


PAL Aerospace is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.