PAL Aerospace offers a responsive special mission systems integration capability. It incorporates a high degree of system and sensor flexibility, permitting us to deliver unique and customized solutions for each customer. When our special mission systems integration capability is combined with our aircraft modification experience, customers have the benefit of knowing that a single point of accountability will contribute to maximizing their special mission success. These capabilities are backed by one of the world’s most experienced teams with both civil and military aviation backgrounds.

We can provide operational support from aircrew and maintenance training, to long term in-service support. Our experience encompasses a broad range of sensor and system suppliers. This diversity allows us to deliver solutions that are highly responsive and meet the unique capability and performance requirements of our customers. Our surveillance operations have evolved from initially flying aircraft and collecting data, to now offering a complete, fully-integrated, multi-disciplinary system for networking on-board sensors, gathering intelligence, and distributing it in real-time to those who need it, both in the air and on the ground.

Our software is operationally proven and dramatically improves the performance of both sensor operators and tactical decision makers. It has established a reputation for providing sought-after and high-value software solutions that can be deployed on a wide variety of platforms supporting multiple mission types for government, military, and commercial customers.