For over four decades, we have continuously built upon our experience to evolve into a global leader of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions. A key element of our full service solution is the ability to offer unparalleled in-service support (ISS) programs. We support client programs in Canada, the Caribbean, the Middle East, and many other locations around the world. PAL Aerospace manages the logistics that assist with planning and developing support requirements for military forces. Our in-service support ensures our clients achieve maximum mission success, by providing a comprehensive all-encompassing solution including:

  • Initial provisioning capabilities
  • Configuration management
  • On-time performance
  • Ground support equipment
  • Technical expertise
  • System obsolescence management
  •  Vendor management
  • Training programs for operations and support

PAL Aerospace also has the expertise to offer challenging and dynamic training solutions that will meet the needs of any airborne surveillance mission. We deliver expert training based on proven Individual Training and Education (IT&E) models, which are designed to optimize the quality and quantity of instruction. Former military staff our training division with maritime patrol experience that averages an impressive 25 years. All instructors have served at various operational squadrons and flight training schools.