PAL Aerospace is a diversified international aerospace and defence company headquartered in Canada. With over four decades of operations, we have continuously built on our experience to evolve into a global leader of airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions. Our capabilities are backed by one of the world’s most experienced teams, with extensive backgrounds in both civilian and military aviation environments. What truly sets us apart from the competition is our ability to offer comprehensive and custom solutions for our clients. These solutions include all four capabilities required to execute a successful special mission program:


Our capabilities allow us to acquire data for a variety of applications while providing our clients with the confidence associated with a single point of accountability.

Our airborne special mission solutions are as unique as the missions they serve. Diverse missions and budgets demand custom solutions. This approach allows clients to address their specific requirements, ensuring maximum effectiveness. PAL Aerospace has vast experience and a track record of success in delivering diverse ISR and special mission programs both on time and on budget around the world. Innovation and cost efficiency are cornerstones to this success. We offer custom sensor suites that meet mission requirements and the versatility to deliver multi-role aircraft. These aircraft can rapidly switch from one configuration to another for varied missions. We offer the ability to provide long-term operational and logistical support to ensure your success.

We take pride in being the trusted choice for clients worldwide.