The Force Multiplier


The Force Multiplier


An on demand contract intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platform for both domestic and international special missions. Modified, owned, operated and maintained by PAL Aerospace and available for operation world-wide. The modified Bombardier Dash-8 Q300 is equipped with a full mission system suite which accommodates a diverse range of ISR applications.

How can The Force Multiplier© benefit your mission and your budget?

  • When immediate intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions are required

  • When the latest in maritime/surveillance technology is expected

  • When there is a lack of available ISR platforms available for contract service

  • When ISR solutions may be required but you are not ready to purchase an asset

  • When you require short term ISR solutions which do not require the purchase of an asset

  • When varied and demanding ISR solutions may require alternative platforms other than those that are at your disposal

  • When you require a solution for ISR missions without the logistics management that ownership, operation, and maintenance require

  • When augmentation of surveillance services are required beyond what your current assets can accommodate

  • When there is a need for operational training solutions

  • When required to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of various platform modifications prior to purchasing




CarteNav Solutions’ AIMS-ISR® mission system software enables the operator to effectively employ the hosted sensing, computing, and communication technologies on a platform (aircraft, vehicle, or vessel) to obtain useful and actionable information. AIMS-ISR® is tailored to satisfy a specific set of system requirements and is able to integrate with a range of sensor types including cameras, radar, AIS, ESM, location trackers, and communications systems. The software can also integrate with a variety of third-party and customer supplied information databases and systems. By geo-referencing these inputs into a local operating picture, key activities such as detection, tracking, classification, and identification of targets are delivered with improved efficiencies and outcomes for a variety of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions.



The Thales SEARCHMASTER® is a new airborne multi-role surveillance radar combining all the benefits of Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) antenna technology in a lightweight and modular design based on 50 years of Thales’ know-how and experience. This radar provides customers with the best-in-class multi-role solution, adapted to the whole spectrum of missions for modern Navies and Air Forces, over sea and over land. The SEARCHMASTER® provides a 5 in 1 solution fulfilling Anti-Surface Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Maritime Surveillance, Ground Surveillance and Mapping, and Air Surveillance and Support missions. The SEARCHMASTER® has been developed to suit all types of mission platform, whether manned or unmanned, fixed or rotary wing.



The Thales AMASCOS® mission system is the ideal solution to meet a wide range of end-user operational requirements. The AMASCOS® portfolio now offers even broader multi-mission capabilities covering both ground and maritime surveillance missions. AMASCOS® is built around a tactical command subsystem, configured with the latest generation of sensor suites and communication equipment. With its modular architecture, the network-centric AMASCOS® system can be configured to optimize crew task sharing for either light and core configurations for safety & security surveillance roles or enhanced configurations for defence missions.